my story

My name is Todd.  I’m like most people – work a job, manage responsibilities, and contribute to my community where I can make a difference.

Do you ever find your self saying, “what if I could just sail away?…”

Well, I’ve asked that question uncounted times and have decided to follow through and do it.

This blog is an attempt to share the journey – thoughts, choices, fears, and triumphs.   I’m a bit of a minimalist, but not the extreme kind.  One goal I have is to show you that this lifestyle does not require anyone to be “rich”.  As a challenge, I’m exploring this journey to see how I can do this as an “average” citizen from the USA.  If you are not from the USA, “average” will be defined as a social security income – right now that is $1,341 USD a month.  So for the cost of a middle class car, let’s get this journey started.

Please join along in the adventure.  Let’s learn together. Get inspired.  And hopefully we can meet as we sail and explore this world.

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