Beginning…where to start?

This journey has really started to take shape about three years ago – having turned 50 years old, kids were starting to complete college. In the last two years the picture of “retirement” really started to take shape. It became tangible in February 2017 when purchasing a sailboat and paying that first month of slip rent.

In sharing this journey my hope is to inspire others to live beyond our own self-imposed limitations. This is a lesson I am really learning – identifying the handcuffs I’ve placed upon myself through my own thinking. These are not “real”. They are just negative thoughts saying internally, “I don’t know how to do that”, “I couldn’t possibly learn the skills required”, or “that would be so embarrassing if I fail.” Personally, I am more interested in pursuing the possibilities of sailing and learning and avoiding saying “no” to myself.

One reason for this blog is to share a firmly held belief that none of us needs to be “rich” to pursue making a dream of living full time on a sailboat into reality. Of course, the more money any of us have provides greater options; but, it is not a requirement. So I set a personal budget to see how to accomplish this on a typical social security income using the USA as a benchmark.

Over the past few years I have come to set a big-hairy-audacious-goal to sail non-stop around the world – starting on the first day I retire. Well I better get started now! I have never sailed before so I am a novice. But there is no better time than the present to start. This may be crazy, but I am determined to accomplish this goal. But each of us needs to set our own vision and goal and not feel pressured by someone else.

This blog is not about making money or vain glory in how many followers subscribe. It is a tool to discipline myself and share. I will be documenting the journey and providing resources to you through this blog. If you are likeminded, please join along. I look forward to calling you a friend.

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